Monday, 28 March 2011

Keindahan Sabah

Sabah is home to some of the most unique animal and plant species. This is where one discovers the heart of biodiversity - from Southeast Asia's highest peak to one of the most diverse rainforests on earth. From montane forest on the world's youngest non-volcanic mountain to riverine lowlands, islands, coral reefs and atolls.

Sabah Parks is about protecting this unique heritage. Our principle objective is to preserve areas which are of geographical, geological, biological or historical significance. These will be conserved and enhanced as part of our national heritage. Education and research will help ensure that future generations continue to enjoy and benefit from these natural treasures.

In 1962, the Legislative Assembly passed the Sabah National Parks Ordinance which provided "for the constitution, maintenance and control of national parks in Sabah." Under this Ordinance, Kinabalu Park (1964) and Tunku Abdul Rahman Park (1974) were established. In 1977, "The National Parks Enactment 1977 " replaced this ordinance. The new Enactment resulted in opening of the Turtle Islands Park (1977), Pulau Tiga Park (1978), and Tawau Hills Park (1979).

This was in turn repealed and replaced by the "Parks Enactment, 1984" which re-enacted "the law relating to the provision and control of National Parks and National Reserves in Sabah, with improved provisions for the constitution, administration, procedure, functions and finance of Parks.


  1. Sangat cantik Gunung Kinabalu ni, saya baru saja lawati pagi 27hb Mac 2011 lepas, air terjunnya sangat indah, tak sabar nak mandi

  2. Ya.... terima kasih atas pujian anda. Tapi hanya tiru dari internet saja.

  3. kau memang peniru hehehe,jangan marah haaaaaaaaa